A new beginning for a hard-working Clark Fork River.
We want to give you this raft to celebrate our 30th birthday.
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The 150-year wait is over: Cleanup in the Upper Clark Fork.
Learning the ropes at Dry Cottonwood Creek Ranch.

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Hundreds of ‘Heavy Lifters’ Clean Up the River

From toddlers to retirees, a diverse set of helping hands pitched in to clean up the river we all love on April 18. Top contenders for the “best trash” prize included a Christmas tree and a mannequin adorned with a plastic-bag necklace.

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Coming Up

Volunteer Event: Bearmouth Cleanup

  • Friday, May 22nd. The banks of the Clark Fork River near the Bearmouth fishing access are trashed, and we are looking for some dedicated volunteers to help clean them up. Learn more
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Floodplains provide valuable services: They slow floods, recharge groundwater, filter out sediments and nutrients, and provide habitat for many critters.

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In The Field

A new irrigation system at CFC’s Dry Cottonwood Creek Ranch in the Upper Clark Fork helps maximize efficiency, enhance hay yields and save water.

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In the Stream

It’s simple: Our rivers won’t stay clean and healthy without you.

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